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Strong Women Are The Ones Who Are Always Leaving

Strong women are always leaving. They leave because they can never stay idle for a long time. They leave when things around them get too comfortable because they cannot imagine themselves living a mediocre life.

For they are the ones who are always striving and pushing themselves to do more. To be more.

To be even better than the person who they thought they’d be at the age of sixteen. To be even better than the person who their parents expected them to be when they grow up. To get even better and stronger every single day.

Strong women are women who reach for the stars. The ones who never give up on their dreams until they realize them. They are the ones who don’t accept ‘no’ as an answer. They are the go-getters of the world.

Strong women are women who don’t settle for anything or anyone.They don’t settle for guys or friends that don’t make them happy. They don’t settle for anything. Not a goddamn thing.

Strong women want to run wild. They run away from societal norms and what’s considered to be ‘normality.’ They run away from phoniness. They run away from fakeness. They run away from fake nails and shiny dresses. They run away from anything that makes them feel ordinary.

Because they are anything but ordinary.

They are the ones who are always going. Who are never stopping. Who never stop fighting. Who never stop looking. Who never stop hoping. Who never stop believing.

They are the ones who are always looking for more adventures. For more knowledge. For more acknowledgment of their achievements. For more meaning. For a more extraordinary life.

Strong women are women who have their eyes on the future, not on their past. They are the ones who believe in a brighter tomorrow. They are the ones who have the guts to let go of anything and anyone that is toxic to them. They are the ones that are strong enough to leave their former self behind and start again.

Strong women are women who always leave. They leave guys who tell them that they are ‘too much’ or ‘not enough.’ They leave liars. They leave manipulators. They leave anyone who wants them only when they are lonely.

They leave anyone who betrayed them. They leave their apartment, they leave their city that is haunted by the ghosts of their past lovers. They leave everyone who fails to see the stars in their eyes.

Strong women are believers. They believe in a better future. They believe in themselves. They believe in others. They believe that everyone deserves to live a life which is worthy of not leaving.