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A Strong Woman Does These 9 Things No Matter What In A Relationship

Strong women are the women who have been through the ups and downs of life, yet still stand tall with a hopeful heart. They’re fierce, mature, and resilient, with an endless capacity for love. If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with one, then you better be prepared because she does these things no matter what:

1. She’s straight with you.

A strong woman will always be straight with you no matter how long you have been in a relationship together. She doesn’t beat around the bush or say one thing while expecting you to do another.

No. She communicates with you honestly and openly. There are no mind games with her from big or small matters. She knows what she wants and she’s done with wasting her time.

2. She stands up for herself.

A strong woman isn’t afraid to draw her boundaries and stick to them even when they might cause conflicts. In fact, she’s ready to handle any conflict if it arises. She just won’t let you push her around, undermine her, or treat her like a doormat.

She has her standards and she will make sure you treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Or else, you can bet that she won’t bat an eye sending you out the door.

3. She’s true to her feelings.

A strong woman stays true to herself even when she’s in a relationship. She doesn’t hide how she feels and she isn’t scared of being “too much” because she knows she’s being real and she values being real.

That’s why being with her, you won’t ever have to worry about appearing weak or silly or crazy. She wants you to be real and true to yourself too because that’s how she can see you for who you are.

4. She takes care of herself.

A strong woman is independent and self-sufficient most likely because she has had no choice. She has learned that ultimately she’s the one who’s responsible for her own well-being and happiness whether she’s with a partner or not.

She’s attached to you but she would absolutely not expect you to be her carer or savior. Because she doesn’t need one. She takes good care of herself, her life, and she’s been whole and happy long before she met you.

5. She calls you out.

A strong woman won’t let you get away with any bullshit just because she’s worried it might make you lose interest in her. You will soon realize that there’s no room for monkey business when it comes to this woman.

She will call you out on your disrespectful behaviors not only because she knows her worth and what she deserves but also because she cares about you and the relationship enough to make it right. You’ll come to appreciate it later.

6. She takes responsibility when she’s in the wrong.

Just like how she firmly straightens you out, she admits it when she’s at fault too. She doesn’t point fingers or put the blame on others.

If she’s wrong, she will say she’s wrong. She won’t go anywhere. She’ll be there to solve any problem with you and keep working on the relationship even in the toughest times.

Because the strong woman is not a quitter, she’s a fighter. She will fight for you till the end.

7. She gives you space when you need it.

As the independent and self-sufficient person she is, a strong woman understands when you need space, and she is secure enough to let you go and be with yourself till you feel ready to return to her.

She will make it clear to you through her words and actions that being with her is always a choice you’re free to make, and she respects your decision.

Meanwhile, she’ll keep herself busy and joyful with her own life.

8. She shows you her love.

Being in a relationship with a strong woman is never having to doubt where you stand with her. Because she’s strong, she keeps believing in love and showing her love despite having been hurt many times before.

And because she’s been hurt, she might at times be guarded, but through her commitment, patience, and tolerance, you will see the depth of her feelings.

9. She is not afraid to walk away.

All that being said, a strong woman isn’t afraid to walk away from a great love if it ends up being toxic to her.

She always sees the best in you and she’s not one to give up easily, but if you keep failing her, she will leave and she won’t look back.

For a while, she might feel weak, defeated, broken, and see no light ahead, but she will take steps to regain her strength and believe that one day she will love again.